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Discover Croatia by Learning Croatian


Discover Croatia by Learning Croatian

Discover Croatia by Learning Croatian

Discover Zagreb/Croatia by Learning Croatian - Premium Express course A1/1 or A1/2

is a course designed for foreign students interested in learning Croatian as quickly and intensely as possible. The course – one of our most popular – has been modelled on immersive language courses abroad.

We employ an interactive and communicative method in our teaching, and the topics and situations covered range from everyday, private life to business situations.

Our Premium Express course A1/1 or A1/2 is equally focused on all linguistic aspects of the foreign language, from grammar and reading, to writing, listening and speaking, as well as communication. A great variety of hands-on exercises await our students, including discussions about current events and newspaper articles, various games and roleplays, telephoning exercises and interviews, as well as talking about film and music, and other activities related to our everyday lives.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student receives a certificate as evidence of their A1/1 or A1/2 proficiency, in Croatian and English language, in accordance with the CEFR standards.

There are many different activities in the afternoon/evening organized specially for you, to have fun while you practice Croatian! Get acquainted with the history of Zagreb or simply enjoy in the traditional Christmas markets; you are guaranteed a good time, learning language through culture!

Number of hours: 20 school hours

Structure: 5x4 weekly, Mon – Fri

Duration: 1 week

Timing: Mon – Fri, 9 – 12.30 (incl. a half-hour recess, 10.30 – 11.00)

Start Dates:

1.7.-5.7.2020. Premium Express course A1/1 ;

8.7. - 12.7.2020. Premium Express course A1/2

City: Zagreb

Number of students: 6 – 12

Price of the group course: 1,149.00 HRK / €150 , incl. teaching material (incl. 20 school hours of Croatian lessons, learning materials )

Price of the individual course: 3,800.00 HRK/ € 500  literature included, (incl. 20 school hours of Croatian lessons, learning materials).